"Vintage Turquoise" Hand-Painted Belt


All hand-painted belts are made from alligator skin and can be customized with either a prong or horseshoe buckle and square or pointed tips. The belt edges come square rather than feathered, to help hold its original form.

NOTE: Custom belts are created and shipped within 20 business days. The image on this page is representative of this particular skin only. Patterns, colors, and textures can vary from skin to skin. There are no returns or exchanges for Hand Painted Alligator belts as they are made specifically to your order.

Please contact us with any questions.

Made in the USA

How to choose your belt size

To determine your size accurately, please follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Select one of your belts that fits you better and measure it from the bucket turn-back to the hole you are using today as shown in the following sketch:Belt Size
  2. From our regular size scale, please select the size that comes closer to your measurement you obtained. For example, if your current belt measure as explained above at 36", please select size 36" from our scale.
  3. If your new belt has a plaque bucklet please deduct 2" from the measurement you obtained and select the size according to this adjusted measurement. For example, if your current belt measured at 38", and your new belt will carry a plaque buckle, then you need to select size 36" from our scale.

Now simply place your order and enjoy the product!

Start Customizing

*The image will not be updated when making custom selections.

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