Established in 2007 in the humble setting of a garage in Scottsdale, Arizona, Patrick Gibbons Handmade was born out of an authentic love for golf and a dedication to handcrafted excellence. Our founder, Patrick Gibbons, discovered his passion for the game at an early age in Bay City, Michigan. The lifelong lessons he learned from playing golf with his grandfather, and later his brother, about honesty, integrity, and perseverance became the cornerstone of his business.

From hand-stitched putter grips to an expanded product line including belts, shoes, head covers, and golf bags, Patrick Gibbons Handmade remains committed to exceptional craftsmanship, offering unique, stylish, and superior golf equipment made by skilled artisans. The products are handcrafted in the USA, utilizing only the best natural materials sourced from five continents. Although we don't promise that our gear will revolutionize your golf score, we're confident that our quality products will enhance your look, boost your confidence on the course, and possibly improve your game.

Over the years, Patrick Gibbons Handmade has emerged from a home-based start-up to a respected brand, boasting presence in local retail stores, country clubs, and even on the PGA and LPGA Tour. Our brand is a reflection of the founder's deep love for golf, ingrained life values, and a relentless pursuit of handcrafted perfection. As Patrick often likes to say, our products embody golf's timeless lessons – honesty, integrity, and determination, right down to the last stitch